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Product Name:Butyl Methacrylate Molecular format:C8H14O2 CAS No:97-88-1 Product molecular structure:   Chemical Properties:: N-butyl methacrylate, also known as n-butyl isobutyrate, is an organic compound with the chemical formula of C8H14O2. It is a colorless transparent liquid, insoluble in water, miscible in alcohol and ether, and soluble in most organic solvents. It is mainly used for organic synthesis, making adhesives for plastic and optical glass, as well as auxiliaries for textile, leather and paper making.   Application: 1. Organic synthesis, preparation of electron microscope embedding medium, jointing agent of plastic and optical glass, emulsifier of textile, leather shoes and paper making, solvent of coating and petroleum additive. 2. Butyl methacrylate is used as a soft monomer for manufacturing acrylate solvent type and lotion type adhesives. Its low viscosity polymers can be used as special coatings, paper and leather processing aids, fiber treatment agents, metal surface treatment agents, etc. Polybutyl methacrylate prepared from this product is a transparent elastic material, which is widely used as the interlayer of aircraft cockpit safety glass and bulletproof glass such as automobile, and also used as precision radio equipment. It can also copolymerize with a series of unsaturated esters and acids to produce materials for various purposes. 3. Butyl methacrylate is mainly used to manufacture acrylate polymers and copolymers. It is used to manufacture bulletproof glass and precision radio equipment, and used as oil additive in the petroleum industry. Used as monomer of polymer, used in the production of modified plexiglass, transparent film, paper, fabric, leather and other finishing agent and polish, and used as paint solvent

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