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Shanghai Huayingtong E-commerce is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of acetic acid products in China. Our high-quality acetic acid is used in various industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical. It is a colorless liquid with a pungent smell and is commonly used as a solvent or a preservative.

Our acetic acid is manufactured with the latest technology and strict quality control, making it an excellent option for clients looking for reliable and affordable acid solutions. It is available in different quantities ranging from 25kg to 1000kg, making it suitable for both small and large-scale applications.

At Shanghai Huayingtong E-commerce, we prioritize our clients' satisfaction and always strive to exceed their expectations. Our products are competitively priced, and our team of experts is always available to provide technical support to ensure that our clients get the best products for their specific needs.

Choose Shanghai Huayingtong E-commerce as your trusted acetic acid supplier, and experience our commitment to delivering top-quality products and exceptional customer service.
  • Acetic acid, also known as ethanoic acid, is an essential organic chemical compound that has a variety of industrial applications. As a leading acetic acid manufacturer, we produce high-quality acetic acid that is widely used in the production of polymers, solvents, dyes, food preservatives, and medicines. Our acetic acid is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and processes that comply with industry standards to ensure its purity and effectiveness. Our acetic acid is widely used in the production of polyvinyl acetate, which is used in the manufacture of adhesives, films, and coatings. The solvents produced from our acetic acid are used in the manufacture of paints, inks, and coatings. Our acetic acid is also used in the food industry as a preservative and flavoring agent. In addition to its industrial uses, acetic acid is also widely used in the healthcare industry. Our acetic acid is used in the manufacture of medicines, such as painkillers and antibiotics. It is also used as a cleaning agent and disinfectant in hospitals and medical facilities. At our manufacturing plant, we ensure that our acetic acid is of the highest quality and meets strict quality control standards. We are committed to providing sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our customers and the environment. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive product range and how we can help you meet your chemical manufacturing needs.
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